What sculpts you the way you are—
What shapes your mind the way it behaves—
Who commands the engine that runs your life!

When was the time you departed from truths?
How come all these lies convinced you of their validity!

Why did you abandon your effort—
To be romantic…

Lessons from Elon Musk

I think we should build a habit of “reading” people we admire, people who inspire us, or the people whose bits from life are what we yearn to introduce into our own. Well, reading has been in human repertoire for ages. Books have been incorporated as part of our civilization…

A way to live a life you’ll love

So you’ve got this life. And with every conversation you partake in, every link you click, and every decision you take, your life is getting shorter. But the bliss is you can consciously make it better while it’s getting shorter.

Minimalism might, at least for some people, be a very…

I hike a short distance to sit by a tree
On a hilltop to gaze at the crimson sky. A sky that is about to witness
An assassination of its radiance. //

And what would I do there,
When the sun lurches to kiss zenith,
Except to sit idly and lick my…

Part two of “Advice to the self”, or When your feet don’t itch.

Self-help books are trash — well, most of them are — and this article might be so as well.

The problem with self-help books is that they make us feel good and betray us with superficial correlations: “Successful entrepreneurs read books,” they claim, and some hormones surge in our bloodstream…

  1. A rope and a society were all that she needed
    To die.
Photo courtesy of Dustin Yellin.

Oh, masters, has there not been a fault?
We built temples for gods but let devils wander around.
Oh, masters, there has been another sin:
We overlooked our fault.
A sin that we hoped our prayers will cleanse —
But they didn’t…

That dog peed on your face,
But you didn’t grimace a little.
I just wrote to ask
Did you mind
Not the pee but its stink,
Dear God?

The art of coming online with something integral to our life and communicating it to the world, to the future.

Congratulations! You’re here in a virtual world, constructed by algorithms, where we will be allowed to extend our life stories beyond our society and even after all our biological mechanisms ceases to function.

When I sit down to contemplate about my forefathers, I ponder about how they thought about life…

You lied with your lips

But your eyes were wet with a truth.

Your heart was beating for a truth.

I ponder, even after several dusk and dawn,

Where that courage emanated from

To deceive yourself and lie to the world.

Photo courtesy of Olivier Miche. Released on Unsplash.

It must have been an ordeal to abandon your vows.

Yet you proffered, “They were just words”.

Remind yourself though, when the gloom grips you tight in a forlorn night,

Some live by words, and other die by them.

And please pledge to not belittle words,

Not because someone will live or die by them,

But because you’re the speaker.

Originally published at https://nishb.substack.com.

Choose a thing and
Let it intoxicate you,
Let it sanctify you.

Let it free you,
Let it enslave you.

Photo courtesy of Dustin Yellin’s psychogeographies.

Let it build the wall,
Let it break the sanctuaries you have build.

Yet remind yourself that there is no safety —
Devil is casting its eyes on you.
Find something that will let you wink
At death and prompt you to cherish your ride.

Nischal Bhandari

A hitchhiker to the world of knowledge

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